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Wieland Farms is located in the Tri-State area of Northwest Ohio near the Michigan and Indiana borders.
Our first farm was purchased in 1967 and we are engaged in crop farming, producing corn, soybeans
and wheat. Over the last 45 years, we have raised pigs, calves, rabbits, ponies and even a Thoroughbred
Race Horse. Presently my love is our six pet Malamutes that live on the farm with us. We have a 1/2 acre
pond to swim in and many acres to play and hunt on, mostly chasing squirrels and rabbits.

Our Pack of Mals enjoy watching the deer come and go the woods. Since Malamutes are not big on
barking, they  tend to talk  to each other with a low 'woo-woo' sound. and a gentle 'boof-boof'.   We prefer
not to place our babies for breeding, and wish for quality pet homes.  At age 68 our wish is to have one  
litter a year, that is enough work for me with our young grandchildren helping  to socialize any puppies.

Our hobby kennel's objective is to preserve this pristine breeds  standard size, balance, movement and
good temperament. Continue with the beautiful plumed tails waving over a lush double coat. And show
off the Mal's well shaped broad head,  wide ear sets, heavy muzzles, and well muscled large boned
body....which gives the Mal the appearance of great power and assurance. The Malamute has had these
traits since their  breeding by the Inuit Tribe in the 1800s. I see no reason to change the pristine, sound,
healthy lines developed by hundreds of years of perfection by the Mahlamute Indians.

If  you are interested in one of these magnificent power dogs of the Artic Breeds and can provide the love,
companionship and good lives these wonderful malamutes deserve, then contact us for more
information, or  fill out an Application  found on the Available Puppies page. When we have no available
puppies/dogs for adoption we may be able to put you in contact with a available puppy/dog. As our
females have gotten older/retired along with me we do not have available puppies/dogs on a regular
basis. Please contact us if you are interested in any information about the breed. that you can not find on
the following pages of this website.  You are welcome to view all the photo album pictures of Malamutes
& families. These photos have been submitted by Malamute lovers/families from all over. PLEASE DO
NOT save, download copy or print  without permission.  THEY BELONG TO THE FAMILIES.
Thanking you in advance.

Larry and Kathy Wieland
West Unity, OH 43570
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SheyAnne ~ Retired
Meka ~ Retired
Niki ~ Retired
God please help me to be the person
that my Mal thinks I am..........
Kathleen Lenahan Toledo, OH
Tikaani Our Sire ~ Retired
Dustin Filip original site advisor
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Tala Duchess of Earl
No photos are to be saved/downloaded,
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they are the personal property of the
families & owners.
Niki Retired...with her son
Mahkya dob 2013 daughter of SheyAnne x Sora,
Grandaughter of Niki & Great-Grandaughter of Sonoma.
She is 'my big clown'  has been in training/classes, but still
has a mind of her own, She is My Love.
No photos to be saved/downloaded, copied or printed, without
permission they belong to the families.